Vision and Values

manager speaking to employees at table


The NCWBLA will be viewed throughout North Carolina and the South East Region as:

  • A professional and productive organization serving students, educational institutions, employing organizations, and governmental agencies.
  • A highly valued partner that promotes the concept, development, and implementation of Work-Based Learning.


  • NCWBLA believes that students, employers, educational institutions and communities benefit from effective Work-Based Learning Programs.
  • We believe that education can be enhanced through application in a structured work environment and that work provides an environment for continuous learning.
  • We recognize our effort in promoting work-integrated learning constitutes an investment in our students and our communities that will result in long-term benefits.
  • To this end, we uphold and support a member driven community that values:
    1. Community
    2. Diversity & Cooperation
    3. Collaboration, Communication & Learning
    4. Quality, Efficiency, & Effectiveness
    5. Responsibility & Accountability
    6. Continuous Improvement
    7. Integrity